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TrueBlocks Key provides TrueBlocks Core’s unique indexing through an cloud-based Web 2.0 APIs. Currently we offer Appearances Index API (other APIs coming soon). This allows users to get a complete historical list of appearances (<bn.txid> pairs) for any Ethereum address.

This includes appearances found in regular transactions, internal transactions, logs, token transfers, withdrawals, mining and uncles rewards, and anywhere else address can appear. We find significantly more appearances than other sources [1 , 2 ].

TrueBlocks Key uses the index of appearances created by TrueBlocks Core , which publishes the index as a public good through the Unchained Index smart contract. Unlike Key, Core is fully local and open source. Both are designed to work with any EVM-based blockchain. Key provides a simple, easy-to-use Web 2.0 interface to this index.

TrueBlocks Key makes it easier for users/developers to access TrueBlocks’ unique index who up until now could access the index only through TrueBlocks Core/Unchained Index which are strictly Web 3.0.